You became a physician for a reason. And it most likely wasn’t to become an expert on revenue cycle management or information technology systems.

Imagine reducing your overhead costs and maximizing profits by relying on superior technology, outstanding service from qualified professionals and round-the-clock support.

“By relying on Sudaco for our patient billing services, we’ve been able to reduce overhead costs and improve the efficiency of our office. That leaves me with more time to spend on my patients’ health.”

Erick Calderon, M.D, FACC, FSCA

Lakewood Cardiovascular Consultants
Lakewood Ranch, Florida

In an industry where the rules are always changing, you need a partner who is always on top of new laws and insurance requirements. That’s how we file clean claims that get processed efficiently.

Count on our professionals to follow up consistently and quickly every time there is a question or situation that could impede your prompt payment.

“From a simple daily report of whether my front desk staff is collecting co-pays to a sophisticated compensation report of Professional RVU compliant with Stark, to a full-on analysis of the profitability of a remote location, Sudaco will not only extract the data from the system, but present it to me in a way that I can quickly and easily understand and make decisions.”

Jonathan Berman, MD

Sarasota Spine & Joint
Sarasota, FL

As a physician, you’re not just a provider of medical services, you’re also a business owner. And a business owner needs information to make smart and effective decisions for their business.

Need a report to show if you efforts at hospital are worth the time spent? Need to know if you are covering your expenses on that injection? Need to know whether it’s worth accepting the offered contract from the new payer in town? Sudaco Delivers.