In an industry where the rules are always changing, you need a partner who is always on top of new laws and insurance requirements. That’s how we file clean claims that get processed efficiently.

Count on our professionals to follow up consistently and quickly every time there is a question or situation that could impede your prompt payment. Dozens of Florida physicians already rely on Sudaco for fast, accurate billing and accounts receivable services that maximize profits, improve cash flow and relieve their staff of countless hours spent on coding, billing, and collections. Revenue Cycle Management with Sudaco is the best way to cut out wasted time, headaches, and uncertainty when it comes to medical billing. Reduce stress and increase efficiency with us!

ChargeChecker™ Software

Our proprietary software checks every charge before it is filed against an active list of validations, regulations and business rules. You have fewer claims denied, fewer missed billing opportunities and higher first-time collections. This is just one of the advantages of using Sudaco for revenue cycle management.

Professional Medical Coding

Our team of skilled medical coders delivers high-quality results, quick turnaround and reduced errors. They file primary and secondary claims daily, post payments by the following business day and give immediate attention to all payment denials.

Financial Productivity Tracking

Our monthly financial and operational analyses give you the information you need to make well-informed decisions on how to increase the profitability of your practice. This comes in an easy-to-read report for your convenience.

Sudaco’s revenue cycle management service takes away the worry of whether you are capturing all the reimbursement for services you have provided.  We focus on maximizing and accelerating your income. With more time freed up, your staff can focus on the most important part of each day, the patients. We are trusted professionals who will be at your side every step of the way. If you would still like more information, contact us to learn how we can specifically help your practice. We are happy to work with you and provide our best services so you can provide your best services to those who need it the most.