In a word of constantly changing rules and regulations, you need a partner that is an expert in the field and constantly on top of new laws and insurance requirements. Instead of getting lost in the confusion of the medical billing world and all its complexities, you can leave that burden to the professionals who know how to navigate it quickly and effectively.

Does your office need assistance with medical coding? If you are spreading tasks too thinly across your office you could be wasting valuable time and energy. Sudaco has built a reputation for being experts in the industry, supporting medical personnel with fast, accurate, and efficient information to allow doctors and nurses to spend more time with their patients. Not only will Sudaco’s medical coding services free up more valuable time and help preserve focus on the things that matter most for the doctors, but it will also reduce your overhead costs and maximize your revenue. The correct procedure code, diagnosis code or modifier makes the difference paid at a higher amount or a lower amount. It also can determine if you claim is paid on the first submission or triggers a denial. Learn more about why outsourcing to Sudaco will help to improve your efficiency!   

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  • Hospital / In-Patient Coding
  • Procedure Coding
  • E&M Audits
  • Check out our Charge Checker tool to learn how Sudaco actively moves against insurance claim denials quickly before the claim is ever submitted.

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