In a word of constantly changing rules and regulations, you need a partner that is an expert in the field and constantly on top of new laws and insurance requirements. Instead of getting lost in the confusion of the medical billing world and all its complexities, you can leave that burden to the professionals who know how to navigate it quickly and effectively.

For physician practices already using or considering the eClinicalWorks EHR system, Sudaco as the Revenue Cycle Management partner is the perfect fit. In addition to years of billing experience on eClinicalWorks, Sudaco employs a staff of EHR support reps who can support your practice in the areas of workflow, financial controls, and best practices.   

Need a good reason to select Sudaco as your RCM partner with eClinicalWorks EHR?

  • Sudaco will code and post your hospital and out of office procedures and services to achieve the highest reimbursement with the lowest chance for denial.
  • Sudaco’s ChargeChecker TM proprietary claim scrubber scrubs your claims for preventable denials based on OUR years of experience.
  • Sudaco employs 100% on-shore accounts receivable follow up representatives to aggressively address your rejections, denials and appeals.
  • Sudaco will handle your patient collections, not only facilitating your statements and letters, but taking your patient phone calls, treating your patients like our own.

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