“From a simple daily report of whether my front desk staff is collecting co-pays to a sophisticated compensation report of Professional RVU compliant with Stark, to a full-on analysis of the profitability of a remote location, Sudaco will not only extract the data from the system, but present it to me in a way that I can quickly and easily understand and make decisions. ”

Jonathan Berman, MD
Sarasota Spine & Joint
Sarasota, FL

As a physician, you’re not just a provider of medical services, you’re also a business owner.  And a business owner needs information to make smart and effective decisions for their business. 

Need a report to show if your efforts at hospital are worth the time spent?  Need to know if you are covering your expenses on that injection?   Need to know whether it’s worth accepting the offered contract from the new payer in town? Sudaco Delivers.

Need to know if you’ve missed an authorization?  Need to know if you have a patient coming in today who has a balance?  Need a report to pay your physician employee based on collections without violating Stark laws?  Sudaco Delivers.

Whether you need information to make high level decisions about your business, or day to day decisions within your business, Sudaco delivers.  Sudaco not only utilizes automated data warehousing and reporting tools, Sudaco employs business analysts with years of experience managing and reporting on medical billing data.  We have the ability to turn data into information.  Information you can act on.