Fewer Claim Denials means Faster Claim Payment and Higher Reimbursement!  

Denied claims end up in a long cycle of delays and appeals.  ChargeChecker’s™, sole objective is to anticipate insurance denials so they can be addressed before the claim is ever submitted.    The best defense is a good offense.  ChargeChecker™ is Sudaco’s proprietary claim scrubber and is second to none.  Why?

“Using Sudaco’s ChargeChecker, our denial rates consistently run one third less than the national average.  That means cleaner claims, higher reimbursement and better cash flow. ”

Trish Persaud
Cardiac Clinic
Kissimmee, FL

Instantly Start with Sudaco’s full library of edits and rules
Constant maintenance of edits and rules by Denial Mgmt staff
No limitations in the complexity of the rule
Benefit from the Experience of ALL Sudaco Clients

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