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Fact: 25% of all claims not paid are not followed up on and thus never paid.

Benchmarks MGMA Sudaco
Days in AR <40 23
% of AR >120 Days <25% 4.3%
Net Collection Rate 95% and above 99.44%
First Pass Resolve Rate >95% (96% or higher) 99%


A Welcome Return to Sudaco

In 2020, a physician practice who had been with Sudaco for over three years wanted a new EMR platform. One offering from a national software company included a free EHR with free data conversion and free training. All the practice had to do was utilize that software company’s Revenue Cycle Management Services. The deal was made and the physician practice switched EHRs and Revenue Cycle Management companies.

In the three years that practice was a client of Sudaco, we collected an average $1,805,000 annually. Nothing changed for this practice – it had the same number of providers offering the same services.

In 2020, with the new RCM firm, the practice collected $1,060,000 – a reduction of 41% or $745,000. In November of 2020, they asked if they could come back to Sudaco. We were more than happy to return that practice to successful collection results.

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Where Others Miss, We Collect

In August of 2020, Sudaco started a new account with a physician’s office that had been using another billing company. After just the first three months, the physician’s office collected $96,774 of receivables that were over 45 days old and could easily have been collected by the previous billing company, had they only worked the accounts with the experience, industry knowledge and advanced technology solutions we provide...

Check the Numbers

In October of 2020, on just one client, Sudaco’s proprietary ChargeChecker™ flagged 522 claims worth $87,000. These are all claims that would have either underpaid or denied had they been submitted without review.  The claims had been through all the validations available in the practice management system, yet went uncovered. Our ChargeChecker found claims with non-payable diagnosis, incorrect or missing modifiers, clerical errors, and invalid Policy numbers, just to name a few. Thanks to ChargeChecker, the claims were corrected prior to submission to result in payment rather than denial.

Never Miss a Beat with Sudaco

You cannot collect what you do not bill. One new client had over $1,000,000 of billing on hold and no idea there was such a significant amount outstanding. Neither did their billing company.

That would never happen with us. 

With that same account, we found several procedures where they were not billing all applicable codes and they were billing the professional component, when they could have been billing global. These discoveries made a substantial difference in their billing collections.

For a practice that sees patients in the hospital, it is easy to miss or forget a day of charges. We work from a strict calendar control system to make sure that we have charges on all days that the doctor works. Accountability at its best.

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